Sugar & Alcohol Technology Section

The objective of this section is to extend scientific guidance to sugar and alcohol processes for the overall improvement of the technical performance. The targeted areas are controlling sugar losses in manufacturing process, improvement in the quality at reduced cost, saving in process steam & power consumption and water management, filling the gap of Ethanol feedstock, maximize and securing productivity throughout the year, also by-products treatments and recycling. Applied research is conducted based on the observations made during the extension services.


Sugar Technology

Achieving Sugar Technology objectives on the Supervising and following-up the:
  • Dairy Products: Kenana Dairy Farm produce 4.7 million litres annually.

  • Performing of research-trials cane quality analysis.

  • Providing Analytical, Academic and Advisory Services.

  • Conducting applied research on sugar technology.

Alcohol Technology

  • Converting biomass into bioethanol such as: ethanol from sweet potato, sweet sorghum and cassava etc.…

  • Effective treatment and lowest costs for by-products such as vinasse, filter mud and wastewater.

  • Producing Biogas and Bio fertilizers.

  • Find alternative renewable energy sources.

  • Applied research on the problems facing the alcohol industry.