Research Field Management

This section considered as core business for the whole Department. In fact all research activities depend entirely on the efficiency of the activities carried out by this section. The field management includes:

  • Close management of field experiments (breeding trials, Pathology trials, Entomology trials, Irrigation trials, Sugarcane nutrition trials, Weeds science trials and the field trials of industrial research.

  • Monitoring, preparation and arrangement of all operations related to establishment of all field trials from land preparation to harvesting (planting, fertilizing, irrigation, weeds control, on-barring and harvesting).

  • Running and management of seed cane nursery from land preparation to harvesting.

    • Responsible for management of the two quarantines.

    • - Primary quarantine – Shambat, Khartoum. .

    • - Secondary quarantine – Abbasya, Kosti..

  • Responsible for Labour force

  • Running sucrose laboratory.