Irrigation and water management Section:

  • This section take the responsibilities of conducting the irrigation demonstrations and experiments to improve the on-farm irrigation management and to enhance the overall irrigation efficiency, reducing irrigation cost and monitoring the irrigation practice for the entire estate. The main objectives and activities are:

  • Conduction of different irrigation experiments that aim to save irrigation water and/ or increase irrigation efficiencies.

  • Computation of the reference evapotranspiration (ETo) for Kenana Estate using Penman-Monteith approach and the cropwat software.

  • Determination of the crop water requirements during the whole season.

  • Determination of the water required for irrigating sugarcane taking into account the variation in soil moisture, climatic factors and phenological stages of cane growth.

  • Maximization of irrigation water use efficiency through better irrigation practices.

  • Gathering and recording of weather data.

  • Evaluation of water adequacy, equity, percent runoff, application efficiency and wate r use efficiency.

  • Proceeding the soil physical properties (infiltration rate, soil field capacity, soil bulk density and soil hydraulic conductivity).