Entomology Section (Sugarcane pests)

  • Sugarcane like other crops is vulnerable to attack by pests resulting in both field and factory losses. More than 1300 species of insects have been recorded on sugarcane worldwide, but the great majority of these are of no economic importance. However, of this large number of pests, a few were recorded from Kenana sugarcane plantation.

  • The research plans and strategies in this section are geared towards the following functions:
  • Carrying intensive field surveys for earliest detection of sugarcane pests (shoot and root borers, white grubs, termites, locust etc. …).

  • Prevention of entry new insect’s pests through rigid quarantine measure.

  • Improvement of seed cane quality by using the means of eliminating cane pests.

  • Screening and selection of resistant varieties while participation in sugarcane varieties improvement programme.

  • evelopment of sugarcane pest control strategies.

  • Liaise with governmental concerned department for the management of national pests.

  • Monitoring and control of other pests like store pests, rats in the Estate e.g. factory, workshops, fields …..Etc.