Crop Monitoring Section

The programs in monitoring section involve the following:

Weather study :

Weather is one of the key factors affecting prospects for crop production. The crop monitoring section is running the Central Metrological Station of KSC and assesses its likely impact on sugarcane through the collection and analyzing data from class A. PAN. The data include maximum temperature, minimum temperature, relative humidity, vapor pressure, day and night evaporation, dew point, sunshine duration, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall and soil temperature at different depth.

  • Improvement of milk yield and milk quality in dairy animal by using feed ingredients with high nutritive value and low cost.

  • Improving the performance of fattening calves.

  • Improving the performance and meat quality of poultry by using alternatives feed sources with low cost and high nutrition value.

  • Minimizing cost of feeding by using cheaper sources of feed with high content of protein and energy.