Production of Yeast for Animal Feed

  • Yeast is an essential ingredient in the manufacture of ethanol and is used in the food and feed industry.

  • A dry amount of yeast is added to the molasses to convert the sugars into alcohol. In the meantime, the yeast proliferates and is separated from the fermented product and part is recycled and recycled in the fermentation station.

  • This process results in a surplus of yeast of about 15 tons / day.

  • This surplus is not being exploited at present because of its lack of concentration, drying and packaging machines and can be an added value with significant financial return.

  • Animal feed yeast is useful for all animals as an additive for processed animal feed.

  • Animal feed yeast is consumed in the form of dry powder but experience shows that selling it wet is more valuable as this keeps many valuable vitamins active and highly appetite by animals.

  • All production is consumed within the inputs of Kenana feed factory (poultry - ruminants).

  • This project is also classified as a clean environment requirement project.