Production of Organic Fertilizer (Compost) from the Treated Vinasse and other Byproducts

  • The implementation of this project follows the completion of the Biogas project.

  • The amount of processed vinasse from the ethanol plant is about 3000 cubic meters per day, and the amount of filters mud from the sugar factory is about 800 tons per day additional, there are quantities of animal production residues in Kenana farms as well as sugar cane residues, all of which are involved in the manufacture of organic fertilizer (Compost).

  • The remaining water of the treated vinasse is used to irrigate forests and horticultural crops.

  • This project is also classified as a clean environment requirement project.

  • The production capacity is about 200 thousand tons of organic fertilizer (compost) annually and can be exploited in Kenana farms, White Nile Sugar and the Sudanese Sugar Company and provides 50% of imported high cost urea fertilizer