Production of Bakery Yeast

  • Statistics and economic data indicate that Sudan consumes about 100 thousand joules of bread flour capacity of 50 kg per day.

  • In contrast, the consumption of bread yeast is half a kilogram per mobile, an average of 50 tons / day and the equivalent of 18 thousand tons / year.

  • There is no one factory in the Sudan to produce yeast in Al-Hasahasa city.

  • There is a gap in the bakery yeast commodity of about 15 thousand tons annually and this gap is covered by importing dry yeast from outside Sudan at an estimated cost of about 45 million dollars annually.

  • Hence the idea of constructing a factory to produce dry bakery yeast in Kenana Sugar Company with a production capacity of 4,500 tons / year to contribute to filling part of this gap.

  • The project needs 21,000 tons of molasses, which can be saved after sweet potatoes enter the production chain of the ethanol plant.