Company Objectives

• Agricultural investment using the latest technology in plant and animal production and processing.

• To provide integrated scientific and practical solutions to third parties in the agricultural and animal fields in Sudan through the modernization and development of the following:



• Improvement and development of irrigation water management to meet crops water requirement.

• Localization of modern irrigation systems such as sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation systems for water consumption. The company has a technical cooperation agreement with the Brazilian Company (IRRIGER), which are common in pivot irrigation systems.

• The company has qualified engineers to maintain and operate pumps and irrigation systems.

Certified and Improved Seeds:

• Adhering to the use of certified seeds and working together with Kenana Certified Seeds Unit, which cooperates with research bodies and specialized local and foreign seed companies to propagate the certified seeds and provide them to farmers at encouraging prices.

Agricultural Machinery and Equipment for Agricultural Mechanization

KETS became active due to the immense demand for an affordable consulting and engineering services for Sudan’s Agro-industrial sector, and especially the country’s prominent sugar industry. Our immense determination, coupled with our highly qualified and dedicated group of staff, has resulted in our excellence as we strive to become a leader in our field. Our services include:

• The company has brought the latest agricultural machinery equipment with high technology from the most famous international companies (GLASS - Germany, GISPARDO - Italy and the COLOMBO - Brazil). The machinery are operated by a well-trained engineers and operators.

• The company started in cooperation with Kenana Equipment Machinery Unit (KEM) to manufacture peanuts harvesters and spare parts of many equipment and machinery instead of importing them.

Agricultural Technical Packages:

• The company adopts agricultural agro-technical package in its business and works on to spread its culture in the agricultural sector by taking the company on-station farms as a pilot field to train farmers in different agricultural sectors.

• The agro-technical package is fully applied in pre and post harvesting practices such as; land preparation, the use of certified seeds and the commitment to the dates of agriculture, regularity and irrigation efficiency, weeding, fertilization, harvesting, transportation and storage of crops in a scientific form.

Strategic Partnerships

• KIAS has presented a model of strategic partnerships with the engagement of private sector to operate economically based on its experience in Al-Rahad and Al-Suki schemes.The Company has reflected the benefits and constraints of this type of partnership.

• The Company is working on to attract foreign investors to strategic projects for the production of oil crops and animal production (TOUSUN - China), cotton (SHAN DONG - China), soybeans, corn and cotton (BSAC - Brazil) and sun flower company (CAUSSADE - France).

• In order to achieve strategic partnerships, the company has acquired an area of 150 thousand feddan in selected sites in the Northern State where the agricultural soil and water are suitable for irrigation and plantation of the target crops.

Company Achievements

Al-Rahad Scheme

• Restoring Al-Rahad to the production circuit in its entire area for two consecutive years, raising the area from about 60 thousand feddan to about 320 thousand feddan.

• KIAS has managed the scheme completely, including the areas of forests, horticulture, feed, animal production and drinking water services for the scheme’s villages (50 villages) in addition to watering the animals.

Al-Suki Scheme

• KIAS has managed Al-suki scheme the same way as managing Al-Rahad scheme. It has raised the cultivated area in Al-Suki scheme from about 4 thousand feddan to about 86 thousand feddan (the entire area of the scheme).

• KIAS has supervised the installation and operation of the new pumps (four pumps) implemented by the Austrian company - ANDERDS.


Agricultural Machinery and Equipment

• The company has introduced the latest types of agricultural machinery and equipment and has been trained using it. This has been clearly reflected in the transformation and progressing in Al-Rahad and Al-Suki schemes, beside many other agricultural schemes.

• Wheat Harvesting in Gezira scheme, New Halfa scheme, Khartoum State and Northern State, in addition to sorghum harvesting in Al-Gadarif and Wad El-Halio using the best and most recent types of harvesters which has reduced the losses and shortened harvest period.

• Land preparation and plantation of cotton in most of the old Blue Nile schemes and area of Gezira.

• Contribution to the land preparation and cultivation of sugarcane in White Nile Sugar Company and Kenana Sugar Company.

Fattening Project

Due to the importance of the integration of plant and animal production in agricultural schemes and get use of crop residues and increase the value added, the company has implemented a pilot experience in the field of cattle fattening by fattening and marketing a six thousand heads of cattle and a thousand sheep.

The project was succeed as it was contributed to the provision of meat in the project area and was achieved attractive returns to the company.

Company Future Plan:

• Direct Agriculture in the Company's Projects.

• Attracting of an International Companies and Engage with them into Strategic Projects for Agriculture and Livestock Production.

• Provision of Agricultural Schemes Management Service.

• Provision of Agricultural Equipment Services in Rain-fed and Irrigated Sectors, Includes

• Provision of Irrigation Water Management Service.

Pesticide Agency

• Company has obtained a pesticide agency from FARM-AG Company from South Africa in March 2013 and was registered last year.

Some pesticides have been approved by the General Directorate of Plant Protection which are:


- PENDIM 500 EC.